Two Past Captains and a Hedge

Just a little update … a big thank you to the Seniors Section for organising the unruly hedge behind the 1st tee.  Now we should be able to keep on top of it LOL!

Work is still happening on the course repairs, the bunkers are having their winter maintenance and the frost over the last few days may kill off the season’s germs.

Let’s hope Ciara doesn’t blow as hard as they think, but batten down your hatches in readiness.

Mick & Alan

I think we have found our new double act.  Our two Past Captains have been busy this week siting the birdboxes kindly sponsored by members.  Here they are installing the feeding post near Chairman’s corner … hopefully we can take part in Springwatch soon! Any junior members want to carry out the survey will be most welcome.

Whilst we are talking about birds, there was a rare sighting of an Eagle on the 6th hole … Congratulations on your ACE Mick Russell!


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