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March Golf Club went back to school on Thursday 2nd May in partnership with Neal Wade Academy by holding 4 golfing sessions during the day of 45mins to 1 hour long with groups of 20+ 12-14 year olds.  Local Professional Alex Oldham, who has been based at March Golf Club for nearly 15 years ran these sessions alongside Head of PE James Crawley.

Chairman of March Golf Club Baz Smith says

“Our sport is suffering at grass roots level and competition from other curriculum sports and electronic based games. The obvious way of addressing this plight was to get this initiative in place, my thanks go out to all involved”

The sessions introduced to the teenagers various stages of learning about the game and how to play.  Also, bear in mind most of the groups had not picked up a golf club before.

The following steps are a great way of starting to learn about the game.

Step 1:

Master A Great Setup Position – Grip

Step 2:

Ingrain The Checkpoints Of A Great Swing – Stance

Step 3:

Develop A Great Short Game – Chipping

Step 4:

Practice With Purpose



All these and more were covered in the sessions and those that want to take the game further were given information about March Golf Club and further sessions.  Thursdays after school at March Golf Club starting on 9th May 2019.  For details of these sessions please contact Alex on 01354 652364.  Check out our website for more information

“So, I am really pleased that Neale-Wade and March Golf Club are able to work so closely together. The taster day has given the students the chance to experience golf with a PGA professional. Hopefully, this has got some of them thinking about doing the lessons we are running. It would be great if over the next few years we can get more of our students playing each week at the club.”

James Crawley- Head of PE

March Golf Club will be continuing to plan more initiatives and opportunities for more of the community to try out this sport for a lifetime! Who knows you maybe the next Tiger Woods!!!!!!

A New Year and New Members

When it comes to enthusiasm you cannot fault our Junior Members at March Golf Club.  Whether it’s cold or raining they arrive for their coaching session with vigour and smiles on their faces.

It was lovely to see you all again today and as always Alex, myself and Alan thoroughly enjoy our time with you, just as much as you do too.

Many thanks for the unsung heroes … the parents and guardians that ferry their children around and huddle on the bench to keep warm.    The sun will soon return and by then I am sure some more of our group will be ready to take the next steps towards the course.

We were also very lucky to see four new Juniors turn up today and they have also showed some early promise.  If you all continue to enjoy yourselves then we will continue to hold these sessions throughout the year.

Changing the Mens Captain

It has been quite a year for March Golf Club. We have seen the implementation of a new fee structure which offers more affordable golf to younger members and I am pleased to report that we have experienced a significant growth in the number of members.

We have also seen the creation of both a junior and ladies academy, both overseen by our resident PGA professional, Alex Oldham.  Both Academies are thriving under the expert tuition of Alex and with the enthusiastic assistance of current members who give up their time to help.

We are very proud of these achievements and look forward to continued success in 2019 and beyond!

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