May Bank Holiday Update

A quick update to inform you that the first stage of “Operation Conifers” has started.  We have had two sections of the Club requesting that the Conifers on the course are trimmed at the bottom.  To assess whether this is actually a valid request, you will see the first group of conifers to the left of the 1st hole have had a little trim up.

Little did I know that this would take me just two hours with a pair of hand loppers and a saw.  It proves that this is possible, however the Greens team will need some help.  So, we will be looking for some volunteers to help out, an announcement to be made shortly.

So, this is how much waste was generated from this group of trees, but as you can see from this image if you happen to end up in the conifers you will at the very least have a shot back to the fairway …

But this is the end result from the teebox …

Now then, have a look next time you play from the 1st and 10th and please give your honest opinion.  You can leave comments here on our website, or post a comment on the Facebook post.  It would really be appreciated if you would spare the time to give us your feedback.


On another note, the Greens committee have carried out a Course survey and issues have been noted and we will now work through those with our Greenkeepers and agree the best way forward to rectify them.


  1. Ian robins says:

    As well as finding balls and speeding up play will let in much more light and air to the surrounding area’s this will lead to helping to produce better playing surfaces

  2. Chris Elliott says:

    I think it is a great idea and it looks neat and tidy. But then I would say that the amount of time I spend in the trees lol.

  3. golf says:

    Thanks Lydia, we aren’t all that good … unfortunately!

  4. Lydia Molyneux says:

    Looking good. Much tidier, and yes will help speed play for sure. Always best of course to stay on the fairway!

  5. golf says:

    Ian, many thanks for your time and kind words. Yes I think you’re right, especially here that you can now see through to the errant landing place, between the trees and out of bounds. I also share your hate too. Baz

  6. Ian robins says:

    Looks good , even though I hate conifers they do look so much better trimmed up this will also increase speed of play around the course good job

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