Improving your golf swing


March Golf Club has an excellent resident PGA Professional Alex Oldham who has been at March Golf Club in excess of  14 years.  Alex has built up a great reputation, not only within the club but also within the area around March Golf Club. He has clients that come from all over the area for his lessons and his goal is as always …  improving your  golf swing and to enhance the players game in order for them to reduce their handicap.  

Perfect your Pre Shot Routine

Quite simply, in Alex’s own words the quickest way to play your very best in the shortest period of time is to learn a perfect pre shot routine that takes care of the basics every time.  

Our junior golf academy started last year with the help of Alex, Baz Smith (2019 Chairman) along with other volunteers.   We now have a great group of youngsters eager and wanting to learn the game correctly from a PGA Pro and learn the basics in a safe and friendly environment.  

Remember, they are our players of the future and its great to see the determination and commitment that they give to the game and Alex. Some are now ready to go out on the course with an adult putting their knowledge into practice and improve their golf swing. 

What’s more … Alex along with his helpers has launched a Ladies Academy.  we now have over a dozen ladies  attending sessions on Sunday mornings.  All the ladies are meeting like minded others wishing to learn the game, have fun and learn the correct techniques from a PGA Pro. 

So, how can Alex Oldham help you play the best golf you can?   March GC Ladies Academy

Learning a basic routine every time you hit the ball will improve your golf swing help you to play your very best game of golf.  The routine is in the form of 5 key set up points:

AIM – make sure your feet are aiming at the right target

GRIP – make sure your grip is correct for hitting the ball

POSTURE – make sure your posture is right

STANCE – make sure your stance is right for the shot you are taking

BALL POSITION – make sure the ball position is correct for the type of shot you are wanted to take.

The above are considered “static skills/set up skills/stood still skills”.  The ingredients which will help you improve your golf swing. “Motor skills/swing skills/set up skills” – the cooking part.  One thing for sure,  no matter how well you cook, the dish won’t be great without the correct recipe.

Finally, many golfers overlook the importance of a diligent, precise and conscious pre-shot routine giving you a chance. So give yourself a chance …  improving your golf swing with Alex Oldham. 


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