Course & Slope Rating

As most of you will already know, from 2nd November England Golf will be introducing the World Handicap System and everything will be changing.

Every golfer with an existing handicap will be given a revised handicap known as his/her Handicap Index that has been calculated from the average of their best eight scores from their last twenty rounds.

One of the biggest differences under the World Handicap System will be that a player’s handicap will change from course to course. How does that work you may ask?

Course rating is the starting point. Every golf club is course and slope rated from every set of tees, and then there are separate ratings for men and women. This means that when you go to play a different golf club, your handicap index is actually based on a course of standard difficulty, rather than your home course. So, if you go and play, say, Woodhall Spa, your course handicap may be two or three strokes higher than your handicap index at March because the slope-rating value is higher than standard.

You do not need to know what all the calculations are. What you do need to know is what your handicap index is and you can find that out via your club’s handicap software or on the England Golf website or app, which is launching on November 2nd.

Once you’ve got that, you need to convert that number, using a look-up chart the one for March GC is below (this will be on display at each course) or app, into a course handicap for the course and tees you are playing. That’s all you need to worry about because the technology will do everything else for you.



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