Head of Greens

As keen golfers and members of the Greens Sub committee, it is our main goal to provide the members and visitors of March Golf Club with a very well presented golf course 12 months of the year!

 Lydia and the rest of Greens Committee will address any issues with the management of the course as quickly as is practicable.

Our new Greens Team of Blue and Ian are working very closely with the Greens Committee and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on the future plans for our lovely Parkland Course.

We will also be continuing with our volunteer programme, both during the weekdays and weekends … so if you can spare a little time, please make yourself known.  Thank you!

Two Past Captains and a Hedge

Just a little update … a big thank you to the Seniors Section for organising the unruly hedge behind the 1st tee.  Now we should be able to keep on top of it LOL! Work is still happening on the course repairs, the bunkers are having their winter maintenance and the frost over the last […]

Thank you

Just a mention to all of our members that have clearly adhered to the new traffic policies that were put in place this winter. It wouldn’t be in this condition without your co-operation, so a big thanks to all of you. The Greens team.

March Golf Club open despite the elements

Members and visitors, I enjoyed a wonderful 9 holes this afternoon on hand cut greens. With many local competitors (courses) closed, we were playing a full course, albeit one winter green and a few mats on the par three holes. Having to carry my bag was a small price to pay to enjoy great company […]

The Winter Programme is Underway

So, Ian and Blue have been busy, as always … the course is being managed nicely and Members and guests are helping to make a difference this winter too.  Please keep to the ropes and guidance around the course and we will remain open for all users and the course will be protected. The next […]

Troublesome Puddling

Rain Rain and more Rain Now can you remember back to last summer, when precipitation was a rare occurrence. Well, we can safely announce that normal conditions have resumed.   But our Greens Team are on the case and have plans to improve drainage away from our greens as a priority.  Please can you continue […]

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