Head of Greens

As keen golfers and members of the Greens Sub committee, it is our main goal to provide the members and visitors of March Golf Club with a very well presented golf course 12 months of the year!

Derek and the rest of Greens Committee will address any issues with the management of the course as quickly as is practicable.

Our new Greens Team of Blue and Ian are working very closely with the Greens Committee and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on the future plans for our lovely Parkland Course.

We will also be continuing with our volunteer programme and initiatives, both during the weekdays and weekends … so if you can spare a little time, please make yourself known.  Thank you!

June 2020 Greens Update

Thanks to Blue and Ian our greens are now as good as, if not better than, any in Cambridgeshire. However, as you can plainly see, the same cannot be said of the fairways. As a result of lack of attention for a number of years, the drought of 2018 and then one of the wettest […]

May 2020 Greens Update

We are two weeks back into golf and I would like to think you can all now appreciate the wisdom of keeping Blue and Ian working on the course during “lockdown”. Alan Jones, immediate Past Captain and a member at March Golf Club for forty-one years said to me this week “in all the time […]

Bunker Adoption

Adopt a bunker, that’s a bit different! Thank you to all those members who have committed to help the Greens Team with bunker maintenance. This volunteer project will commence once we are reopen. When? well let’s just keep patient. We actually don’t know right now, speculation is rife.  Rest assured though we are busy behind […]

April Showers are what we need

‏When it comes to April, we normally think of those lovely spring showers to help the grass grow. Well, this year whilst we are staying away from the club and enjoying the unseasonal weather the course needs the water. Perhaps if we pray or do the odd rain dance, it might just help! Anyway, I […]

Happy Easter Update

So, where did all the water go? It hasn’t been that long since we couldn’t play golf due to excess water on the course and surrounding land.  Now the sun is shining brightly, seed and turf has been set and laid and, the essential maintenance of our lovely course continues.  Watering is now part of […]

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