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Update from Frogs Abbey

Thank you to you all for your continued support in these troubled times.

Please keep an eye on your emails, here on our website and of course on Facebook and Twitter, (If you have accounts) as we will be trying to update you on the Clubs situation.   I am not going to dwell on the pandemic, but try to bring some course photos, some lightheartedness and hope.

Today courtesy of the very talented (is there nothing you can’t do?) Derek Wisbey, the newly dug and weeded “Chairman’s Corner” and some landscape images of the Greenkeepers work … very stripey!

From the Greens Team

Anyone for “Insane Terrain” or “Tough Mudder”

Thank you to Derek for today’s photographs.

I honestly thought yesterday with all the wind that we were winning.  However, last night’s downpour has created this watery landscape.

So,  I’m afraid it’s off to Thorpe Wood driving range at 1pm today to take the family frustrations out on some range balls.

All welcome to join us.



This Is Becoming a Habit

How many ears must one man have, before he can hear people cry?

Bob Dylan

Now I’m not sure if this is a Greens Update or another from the Chairman?

But here goes anyway, you may remember when I took over as Chairman I stated “You can always approach me with your issues, comments or concerns, just use the right channels”

Well this morning I received a text from a member, who I have great respect for.   Asking about our lovely course and the closure situation.  Whether this was just for her/his own benefit or for others in his/her peer group, I promised, I would visit the course this morning and provide you all with some up to date pictures of the course condition.

So, as if by magic (And some dirty trousers) please find a gallery of photographs showing the reason for the closures … please swipe on the main image to see the next photo in the gallery. The course is saturated, walking from the first and seventh tees is a challenge in itself.

Please check out the ditch behind the 1st green, can anyone remember water in there before?  Simply keeping to the very edge of the fairway/rough I have left my mark. Imagine the affect if we were ALL on the course. That’s without our Greens staff being able to get machinery to the course to cut the grass!

Now for better News

But it’s not all doom and gloom as Blue and Ian have been very busy. We’ve had the odd tree fall over and clear up operations are in hand.

Water is still flowing off the course at a nice steady rate and I am pleased to inform you that we will shortly be having a meeting with the Vice (Presently Acting LOL) Captain, Andy Lilley, Blue, Myself and a drainage expert.  Not only that but Andy has pledged his Captains year to the drainage of our course.  Thank You Andy, as you all know this is one of my projects.  Thank you to Paul and Neil, see not ALL in vain!

Whats more, the team are getting us ready for when the course can be opened again without restrictions. The paths are being attended to, the greens, tees and dry areas of the fairways are all better for the rest.

I have spoken to Blue this morning and like us all he is as frustrated, demoralised and whatever other ‘down in dumps’ words you would like to describe our situation, as the rest of us.

Blue said, apart from “what are you doing on the course, get home to your family” LOL

“Baz I can assure you we have taken everything into account in making the course closure decisions and we are working towards the re-opening just as soon as possible” 

And believe me, as you know Blue  and Ian are golfers too and they truly do understand. They have mine and the Committees FULL support.

Lastly as a reminder, when the course is open again to us shortly can you PLEASE take onboard the Buggy and Trolley Routes.   It has been designed to keep us playing and protect our lovely course.

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you on the course very soon! Oh and the answer is blowing in the wind … hopefully.


Two Past Captains and a Hedge

Just a little update … a big thank you to the Seniors Section for organising the unruly hedge behind the 1st tee.  Now we should be able to keep on top of it LOL!

Work is still happening on the course repairs, the bunkers are having their winter maintenance and the frost over the last few days may kill off the season’s germs.

Let’s hope Ciara doesn’t blow as hard as they think, but batten down your hatches in readiness.

Mick & Alan

I think we have found our new double act.  Our two Past Captains have been busy this week siting the birdboxes kindly sponsored by members.  Here they are installing the feeding post near Chairman’s corner … hopefully we can take part in Springwatch soon! Any junior members want to carry out the survey will be most welcome.

Whilst we are talking about birds, there was a rare sighting of an Eagle on the 6th hole … Congratulations on your ACE Mick Russell!


Thank you

Just a mention to all of our members that have clearly adhered to the new traffic policies that were put in place this winter.
It wouldn’t be in this condition without your co-operation, so a big thanks to all of you.
The Greens team.

March Golf Club open despite the elements

Members and visitors, I enjoyed a wonderful 9 holes this afternoon on hand cut greens.

With many local competitors (courses) closed, we were playing a full course, albeit one winter green and a few mats on the par three holes. Having to carry my bag was a small price to pay to enjoy great company and weather.

So if you want a game this Christmas period, come on down to March Golf Club, but please leave your trolleys at home.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, Alex


The Winter Programme is Underway

So, Ian and Blue have been busy, as always … the course is being managed nicely and Members and guests are helping to make a difference this winter too.  Please keep to the ropes and guidance around the course and we will remain open for all users and the course will be protected.

The next stage of the Greens work is underway, thank you for your patience, with the 8th being closed for play, but as you can also see below, work is taking place here to relieve the green of the excessive water.

Keep an eye out on the website for further updates, the pathways are the next volunteer project on the course and you will soon see them more divined and filled with wood chippings.

Great work everyone, Thanh you!

Troublesome Puddling

Rain Rain and more Rain

Now can you remember back to last summer, when precipitation was a rare occurrence. Well, we can safely announce that normal conditions have resumed.


But our Greens Team are on the case and have plans to improve drainage away from our greens as a priority.  Please can you continue to be patient whilst these works are going ahead,  we will all benefit in the end.


Thatch has always been a problem on our greens and with some help from  specialised machinery, Blue and Ian have a Greens program ready and waiting to improve our greens for the future.

Buggy Shed Owners

Volunteers have also been busy again and we are happy to confirm that after two weekends of work the Buggy shed drainage is now in place.  We are just waiting on the delivery of the matting then this will be laid asap, Thank you for your patience.


For all those Buggy users, you will soon receive a Winter Buggy update from Lydia, I ask you to consider the advisory contents and help us to keep our course open for buggies. Thank you, Baz


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