Bunker Adoption

Adopt a bunker, that’s a bit different!

Thank you to all those members who have committed to help the Greens Team with bunker maintenance.

This volunteer project will commence once we are reopen.

When? well let’s just keep patient. We actually don’t know right now, speculation is rife.  Rest assured though we are busy behind the scenes preparing.

The bunkers are having an overhaul as we speak and, more details will be announced to those adopters.

The overhaul that you can see in the attached gallery is being undertaken by a volunteer Tom Sharp.

I am sure you will all show your appreciation by leaving a comment or two.

Well done Tom and thank you again from the Chairman. See all soon as we can. Stay safe.


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  1. Ian robins says:

    Top man Tom look great and helping us out so much , thanks to all helpers it’s most appreciated by blue and me, sure your love what your going to be coming back to

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