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Bunker Adoption

Adopt a bunker, that’s a bit different!

Thank you to all those members who have committed to help the Greens Team with bunker maintenance.

This volunteer project will commence once we are reopen.

When? well let’s just keep patient. We actually don’t know right now, speculation is rife.  Rest assured though we are busy behind the scenes preparing.

The bunkers are having an overhaul as we speak and, more details will be announced to those adopters.

The overhaul that you can see in the attached gallery is being undertaken by a volunteer Tom Sharp.

I am sure you will all show your appreciation by leaving a comment or two.

Well done Tom and thank you again from the Chairman. See all soon as we can. Stay safe.


April Showers are what we need

‏When it comes to April, we normally think of those lovely spring showers to help the grass grow.

Well, this year whilst we are staying away from the club and enjoying the unseasonal weather the course needs the water.

Perhaps if we pray or do the odd rain dance, it might just help!

Anyway, I thought I would share some lovely images of the course with you all. The boys are doing a wonderful job and the holes are really taking shape, with lots of definition.

I hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy.  Keep looking after yourselves and I am sure we will soon be there again really soon.





Happy Easter Update

So, where did all the water go?

It hasn’t been that long since we couldn’t play golf due to excess water on the course and surrounding land.  Now the sun is shining brightly, seed and turf has been set and laid and, the essential maintenance of our lovely course continues.  Watering is now part of the maintenance programme, you probably can’t imagine how long it actually takes?

Blue and Ian are working in shifts to keep contact down to a absolute minimum whilst they continue to carry out their day to day tasks, so we have golf course that is not only ready for our return from isolation … but one we will all be proud of!

Please see above the very latest images from the course, again thanks to Derek and there a few from me too!

Stay safe, eat as much chocolate as you wish and see you soon!


Bunker and Course Maintenance

As Jim Bowen used to say “Let’s see what you could’ve won!”

Sorry, but if like me you are sitting at home (isolating as Government requested) thinking, I would just be driving home now from the golf club.   “I wonder if I would’ve won the money?”

I’m sure there are a lot of you out there are feeling the same as me and so, please take heart in the photographs today (not dwell on the what if only) and see just how good the course is looking.

Who could’ve thought the turnaround, after the horrendously wet winter we suffered.  Well done team!

Don’t forget, with all that is going on in the world that the clocks go forward tonight!

Lots of loyal members are renewing their Subs in readiness and I thank you all for your continued support.  Those that are not renewing we all respect your decision, as we all have different circumstances.

If you are still thinking of renewing, don’t forget the monthly option is available and you will still get your £50 bar credit.

Update from Frogs Abbey

Thank you to you all for your continued support in these troubled times.

Please keep an eye on your emails, here on our website and of course on Facebook and Twitter, (If you have accounts) as we will be trying to update you on the Clubs situation.   I am not going to dwell on the pandemic, but try to bring some course photos, some lightheartedness and hope.

Today courtesy of the very talented (is there nothing you can’t do?) Derek Wisbey, the newly dug and weeded “Chairman’s Corner” and some landscape images of the Greenkeepers work … very stripey!

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