Professional`s Monthly column February 2019

Good day to all readers. Even during the quieter months I could write mucho on what we are working on at the club as part of my Co ordinator role and in my shop and business. The course is pretty firm underfoot and as I write this on a Sunday evening in mid February, today alone we took £250 in greenfees and saw lots of members playing too!

We really are a year round business these days unlike yesteryear and your enthusiasm for the game is amazing.

I do like to go and play elsewhere and for the second time in three months, many players and myself visited Stapleford Park in Leicestershire for a game. It was sensational in all aspects and another day is planned for the summer. Just pester me soon if you are coming!! If you know me you genuinely don`t need an invite.

Next month I will have a very large sale in an effort to reduce my stock before I have to count it all for the dreaded end of year accounts. Items will be across all ranges, just come in and take a peek from 1st – 31st March.

Captains Away weekend is undergoing negotiations – Alan has selected his preferred venue and I am back and forth on his behalf getting a date and a deal more favourable than what was offered this week by the travel company.

A reminder that I buy 1000 lake balls at a time and have very decent quality clean balls in from just 50p. Branded performance can be from £10 per dozen too – just ask me to sort out your favourite brand and model if possible. Cobra F Max, our best selling metal wood and iron from last year has been put on sale. With drivers now £149, fairways £109 and hybrids £99, a fantastic product is available at a 33% saving on last years prices.

I can`t wait to fully unleash my club crested line up for 2019. Logoed items stocked from this year, excluding clothing, will carry “CENTENARY 2023” underneath the full colour badge in acknowledgement and appreciation of the 100 year anniversary of our club is a few years time. Beanie hats, towels, caps, luggage and shoebags all will be available come the start of the season. I hope you “buy into” our club, wear the crest with pride and stay with us so that we can ensure we truly are “The best 9 hole club and course in the county”. So many things are happening behind the scenes and my promise to you is that come 1st April you will see these come to fruition.

As you should know, I am here for you in many formats. The staff and I are a team and should you wish to mention anything to me in confidence then please know it will be dealt with or followed up. Best wishes to you all and roll on spring,



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