Sunrise: 08:08  Sunset: 15:45

The Mond

Winner: Nigel Goude Runner Up: Chris Elliot

The Open

Winner: Nigel Goude Runner Up: Andy Lilley

The Veterans

Winner: Martyn Melton Runner Up: Paul Corney

Joint Captains' Charity and McCormick Shield

1. G Neugebauer & S Parrish 47 points
2. D Henchley & S Dunn 41 points
3. D Daniels & L Forrester 40 points

Invitation Day

Prize winners:
!st all day Chris Elliott and Mike Robinson
!st pm Brian Painter and Jon Bale
!st am Derek Rowlett and Charlie Claxton
2nd all day David Speechley and Adam Green on countback from
3rd all day Stephen Layton and Wayne Jupp
Nearest the pin on the 6th. Alan Moody
Nearest the pin on the 9th. Gino Ciuffini

CEN Men's Foursomes Qualifier

R Henshaw & H McGarvie (nett 68 Qualifies)
B Frost & L Forrester (nett 74 Qualifies)
T Kent & D Ladds (nett 75 Qualifies)
D Jenkins & R Braam (nett 77 Qualifies)

For a full listing of competitors, please click here.

Welland Pairs

Winner of the Welland Pairs was Brandon Coles and Billy Coles with 47 points, second was Barry Cracknell and Malcolm George with 44 points.

Stableford 15th June

Winner of the mens Stableford on the 15th June was Ross Willis, second was Chris Bateman.

May Stableford

Winner of the mens Stableford was Gary Morgan, second was Paul Turner.

Long Handicap Cup

Winner of the Long Handicap Cup Div 1 was Gary Neugebauer, second was Colin With. Winner of Div 2 was Ken Hocken, second Hugh McGarvie.

Motram Cup CSS: 71

Division 1 Result: 1st Barry Cracknell 36, 2nd Steven Parrish 36, 3rd Paul Corney 35

Division 2 Result: 1st Andy Lilley 35, 2nd Hughie McGarvie 35, 3rd Simon Moore 34

May Stableford

First Paul Corney, Stan Dunn, Dave Henchley, Paul Turner 56.7, Second Roger Patyn, Paul Goddard, Kevin Smith, Paul smith 61.3 (last 9 29.65), Third Paul Wood, Steve Bates, Colin With, Danny Daniel 61.3 (last 9 31.3)

Huit Shield (1)

1st Robert Edwards 83-16c=67, 2nd Les Forrester 75-6c=69,3rd Andy Lilley 90-19c=71

Stableford 12th April

Winner of the mens Stableford on the 12th April was Daniel Jenkins 30 points, 2nd Hugh McGarvie 30 on c/b, 3rd Jim Coote 30 on c/b

PGA Lombard Pro Am Qualifier

Winners, Division 1 was Isaac Rowlands with 66 points, 2nd Steve Campbell 71, 3rd Gary Neugebauer 72. Winner of Division 2 was T. Barnes 68, 2nd Simon Moore 74 and 3rd Daniel Jenkins 74 on c/b.

Medal - 31st March

Winner of the medal played on the 31st March was Ivan Roberts, 2nd was Paul Turner.


March Texas Scramble

Winners of the Winter Texas Scramble was Richard Cannell, Peter Ridgway, Steve Campbell and Andy Parsonage. Second was Carl Barnes, Tony Barnes, Ross Grant and Paul Wright.

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