Greens Update February 2019

We are in the depths of winter and there is a lot going on with tree pruning, dead leaves on the course and operation clean up after the high winds.

Sean and I have had our first planning meeting of the year and we are pleased to announce that ideas have been discussed and plans are in place to ensure our golf course can repair itself (with our help) after the drought conditions and the subsequent wet weather.

Firstly, I would like to thank both Ivan Roberts and Barry Cracknell for carrying out the work on removing the fencing at the back of the 4th tee.   This has allowed us to further investigate the plan on how we can improve the medal teebox, now the sunlight can actually improve the growing environment.

The Greens plan for this tee, is to shut off the half that is in the greatest need of repair, whilst we carry out rotovating, levelling and returfing of that part of the tee. This we believe, is the best chance of creating a well established grass covering that the rabbits seem to find less inviting than weaker growth.

Please note that this half of the 4th tee is likely to be GUR for the rest of the 2019 season.

Secondly, the back parts of both the 1st and 7th greens have suffered the greatest from the drought conditions.  Work has already begun on these areas however, the work is long and drawn out and would benefit from some  extra help.

The Greenkeepers have started by seeding the area and growth has begun, the seeding program will continue with the outset of Spring.  It is our belief that we should make this area GUR and allow this part of both greens to grow longer and get established.  This will decrease the size of the greens temporarily.

Please note that these GUR areas will be enforced for the rest of the 2019 season.

Volunteer Projects

As our outgoing Chairman stated at the AGM we need volunteers at our Club to come forward and help out with time consuming, labour intensive tasks that will improve the standard of our course.

Baz Smith and a small team have been working on clearing ditches to allow members to retrieve their golf balls down the first hole.  I have to thank him for also researching the ditches and pipes around the 5th and 6th holes … water can flow away from our course.

Which brings me nicely to our next working party, we are just waiting for the availability dates from the Greenkeeping Team and we will soon be announcing our next working party.

Finally, we already have a commitment from a man and a digger, soup and sandwiches from House and Bar and cake from the Ladies section for all that attend.  Please keep an eye on Facebook, here on the website and the noticeboard for the next date.

Your Golf Club needs you!

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