Head of Greens 2019

Lewis Ogden has been a Member of March Golf Club since 1996 at  the age of  7.  Only taking a break from golf throughout the 2015-2016 season  due to the birth of his daughter.

As a very keen golfer and also part of the golf clubs scratch team, he is one of the best placed members at the club to provide a competent golfers outlook on our lovely course.

As Greens Chairman his main goal is looking to provide the members and visitors of March Golf Club with a very well presented golf course 12 months of the year!

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More Bunker Work

It’s amazing to see just how much difference  you can make to a golf course, with some bunker TLC … well done the unsung heroes!   What’s more the whole course is looking a picture … if the land is your blank canvas as a Greenkeeper your Golf Course is your masterpiece.

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Blue has been busy today and the first cut on the fairways has transformed the course … taking shape and offering instant definition.    

What’s Blue been up to?

We’ve already seen the work start on the bunkers from an earlier post, now Blue is starting on the tees.  You’ll see over the next week or so, weather depending lots of work been carried out on the tee boxes, moss removal, aeration and some minor levelling. We have our next Volunteer session on this coming […]

Greenkeepers Updates

When you get to work and this is your view in the morning, what could be better than the view down our great practice ground?  Then the other photos below show the start of the bunker work for 2019.  Our Gem in the Fen is getting ready for the new season, look forward to seeing you […]

Attracting More Bird life to March Golf Club

Here at March Golf Club we care about our wildlife.  We don’t just want birdies, eagles and the odd albatross too! We want to see more of our native birds on the course as well and we have taken advice from an RSPB Representative and hence our Captain Alan Jones is spearheading this project with […]

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