Head of Greens 2019

Lewis Ogden has been a Member of March Golf Club since 1996 at  the age of  7.  Only taking a break from golf throughout the 2015-2016 season  due to the birth of his daughter.

As a very keen golfer and also part of the golf clubs scratch team, he is one of the best placed members at the club to provide a competent golfers outlook on our lovely course.

As Greens Chairman his main goal is looking to provide the members and visitors of March Golf Club with a very well presented golf course 12 months of the year!

New Local Rules

So, you may see the red, white and yellow posts across the central dyke a little more prominently. This is due to a little work party on Sunday in readiness for January 1st when some clarification of the local rules around the hazard and ditches will be updated. Lots of debate in the clubhouse in […]

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