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A New Year and New Members

When it comes to enthusiasm you cannot fault our Junior Members at March Golf Club.  Whether it’s cold or raining they arrive for their coaching session with vigour and smiles on their faces.

It was lovely to see you all again today and as always Alex, myself and Alan thoroughly enjoy our time with you, just as much as you do too.

Many thanks for the unsung heroes … the parents and guardians that ferry their children around and huddle on the bench to keep warm.    The sun will soon return and by then I am sure some more of our group will be ready to take the next steps towards the course.

We were also very lucky to see four new Juniors turn up today and they have also showed some early promise.  If you all continue to enjoy yourselves then we will continue to hold these sessions throughout the year.

Junior Membership

So, if you hadn’t realised by now we have been very successful in the launch of our Junior Golf Academy at March Golf Club.  Therefore we ALL need to watch out as soon the ywill be on the course and beating us at our game.  LOL

Alex, myself, Alan, Lewis, Simon and Fiona are all delighted in the progress the youngsters are making.   We have a traffic light system in place where Red means just starting out, Amber means you’re ready for the main course with adult supervision,

AND, GREEN means GO out on the course.  This means Alex has given them the all clear, in ability, behaviour and etiquette too!

If you do happen to see a youngster looking lost around the club please say hello and offer your support, they don’t bite!

We now have an increased amount of Junior members who have joined our great golf club … long may it contnue.

Baz Smith

Junior Academy Organiser

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