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The Winter Programme is Underway

So, Ian and Blue have been busy, as always … the course is being managed nicely and Members and guests are helping to make a difference this winter too.  Please keep to the ropes and guidance around the course and we will remain open for all users and the course will be protected.

The next stage of the Greens work is underway, thank you for your patience, with the 8th being closed for play, but as you can also see below, work is taking place here to relieve the green of the excessive water.

Keep an eye out on the website for further updates, the pathways are the next volunteer project on the course and you will soon see them more divined and filled with wood chippings.

Great work everyone, Thanh you!

Troublesome Puddling

Rain Rain and more Rain

Now can you remember back to last summer, when precipitation was a rare occurrence. Well, we can safely announce that normal conditions have resumed.

But our Greens Team are on the case and have plans to improve drainage away from our greens as a priority.  Please can you continue to be patient whilst these works are going ahead,  we will all benefit in the end.


Thatch has always been a problem on our greens and with some help from  specialised machinery, Blue and Ian have a Greens program ready and waiting to improve our greens for the future.

Buggy Shed Owners

Volunteers have also been busy again and we are happy to confirm that after two weekends of work the Buggy shed drainage is now in place.  We are just waiting on the delivery of the matting then this will be laid asap, Thank you for your patience.


For all those Buggy users, you will soon receive a Winter Buggy update from Lydia, I ask you to consider the advisory contents and help us to keep our course open for buggies. Thank you, Baz


New Course Management

Hopefully any member that has played the course recently will see the new paths, ropes and attention to detail of this years winter course management program.

Please can you help our Greens Team to protect our lovely golf course through the wet months and keep to the designated routes and we will all reap the benefits in the Spring and months ahead.  Thank You!

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