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Huit Shield Part Deux

Round 2 of the Huit Shield qualifier was held on Sunday 12th May in very much more benign conditions compared with the gales experienced during Round 1 on 27th April.

Round of the day was that of Gary Neugebaeur with a gross score of 74 with Andrew Parsonage second on 81.

The eight lowest gross scorers will go forward to the knockout stages and it is no surprise that six of the contestants will come from Sunday’s competition.

Volunteer Project Clearing the Klargester

So, the seniors as promised have carried out the next Volunteer project.  Everyday we see the course and its surroundings improving … Many thanks for all your help.

I really appreciate each and everyones help and support to ensure how Golf Club is the best 9 hole in the County.

May Greens Update

WOW! What a difference Mother Nature has brought to the course.

Now that brings the next challenge for the Greenkeepers to deal with the growth spurts, the greens are now growing with vigour, as are the fairways and the rough.   Please, I ask for a little patience as we have our main fairway cutter at the menders, until later this week.

Teeboards aplenty

You will see that the Tee boards are starting to appear on the course at a rate of knots now, only a couple left now!  Thanks to Lewis and Alex with their tireless help with these.  One for the ladies, we will be moving the teeboard on the 3rd, for all to see.  I will be digging the holes for it, perhaps this week sometime. This will be set in the ground so it is removable for grass cutting purposes.


Lydia and I have a sprinkler system inspection with Sean, early doors on Tuesday, so unless you want a second shower, watch out LOL

We have negotiated with a buyer to take away some redundant greens items and have started a funding process to allow us to get our irrigation system in full working order … watch this space.

Volunteer Projects

The conifer cutting will be taking place as an ongoing volunteer project,  thanks again to Lewis as he has continued my work, however lots more to be done, so please liaise with the Greens committee members to arrange your work parties.   Gary Brinn has a work party to clear the area around the Klargester, so we can have it serviced soon … Thank you!


So, the seniors as promised have carried out the next Volunteer project.  Everyday we see the course and its surroundings improving … Many thanks for all your help.


Other volunteer projects are as follows …

  • Conifer bottom trimming, to all but the ones around the 8th tee …STARTED
  • All white, red and yellow stakes on and around our course will be found, cleared around, cleaned and visible at all times.
  • Hole filling on the course.
  • Tee marker posts to be finished and numbers fixed to each (Unfortunately, the old number plates are now redundant as new yardages and are also in a poor state)
  • 8th Tee surrounding conifers project
  • 6th tee perimeter trimming
  • Drainage and matting to buggy shed area

If anyone would like to volunteer to organise or just volunteer their time, it will be very much appreciated.



May Bank Holiday Update

A quick update to inform you that the first stage of “Operation Conifers” has started.  We have had two sections of the Club requesting that the Conifers on the course are trimmed at the bottom.  To assess whether this is actually a valid request, you will see the first group of conifers to the left of the 1st hole have had a little trim up.

Little did I know that this would take me just two hours with a pair of hand loppers and a saw.  It proves that this is possible, however the Greens team will need some help.  So, we will be looking for some volunteers to help out, an announcement to be made shortly.

So, this is how much waste was generated from this group of trees, but as you can see from this image if you happen to end up in the conifers you will at the very least have a shot back to the fairway …

But this is the end result from the teebox …

Now then, have a look next time you play from the 1st and 10th and please give your honest opinion.  You can leave comments here on our website, or post a comment on the Facebook post.  It would really be appreciated if you would spare the time to give us your feedback.


On another note, the Greens committee have carried out a Course survey and issues have been noted and we will now work through those with our Greenkeepers and agree the best way forward to rectify them.

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