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Alan Jones Mens Captain 2019

I was born in Birmingham in 1955. My early golfing hero was Tony Jacklin and it was watching him on television which persuaded me to start playing golf (on a local pitch and putt) at the age of 12. My first round of proper golf was on Boxing Day 1968 (guess what I got for Christmas that year) and I was hooked (pardon the pun) from that moment on. My first handicap was 24 (the maximum in those days) which I progressively reduced to a handicap of 6 by the time I was 17. I was also offered but turned down the job as an assistant golf professional when I was 16.

University beckoned at the age of 18 (a Law Degree at Sheffield) and I had the opportunity to serve as University golf captain between 1974 and 1976. I moved to Wisbech in 1979 and taught law at the College until I retired in 2015. Alongside my career as a lecturer, I have worked as a Senior  Examiner since 1983 and have been a local magistrate since 1990. I was also a Union official for 16 years and am also a published author of a law textbook.

On a personal level, I have been happily married to my wife, Ann, since 1981 and we are the proud parents of a daughter, Megan, and grand-daughter, Emily.

I have been a member of March Golf Club since 1979 and was happy and proud to take on the responsibility of Vice-Captain in 2018. Many thanks to Mick Russell for the opportunity, and also to Louis Graziano and Malcolm George who asked me on earlier occasions, but when work commitments made it impossible for me to say yes. As your Captain for 2019, I shall endeavour to serve in the best interests of March Golf Club. My charity (project) for 2019 is dedicated to the ultimate aim of providing a covered driving range for our practice ground. This is intended to benefit all members, but is aimed at providing a better facility for our new Junior and Ladies Academies. All contributions gratefully accepted!

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